Diversified Products has 3 Line Lifter Models available (LL-5-1000, LL-6-2500, LL-15-4000) that can assist in energized/static work.  We can also design a line lifter to a specific size and specification to meet your line maintenance needs.

These line lifting systems can be used on boom trucks or cranes to provide electrical insulation while supporting energized transmission lines.  Click below for detailed product information.

LineWise Line Lifter supporting power line
LineWise Line Lifter Dual Wire Holder
LineWise Dual Line Lifter
LineWise Static Line Lifter

Problem:  Difficult to work a single phase without having to use line tag or link sticks. Hard to maintain positive control of an energized conductor when it is not connected to insulators.

Solution:  The Line Lifter gives you positive control of a phase due to the fact that it attaches easily and is insulated with the load capacity and safety factor that your job calls for.