Post Pullers




Now you can remove and reuse most types of posts with your truck equipped with the Bemis Post Puller. This hydraulic powered, vehicle mounted portable post puller extracts various posts and poles from the ground.

There is no need to call out the “heavy artillery” to pull posts. You do NOT need a front end loader, backhoe, hand jack or large work crew with plenty of shovels. All you need is your sign truck with a Bemis Post Puller. The lifting cylinder is placed adjacent to the pole or post to be removed and is in a position to extract the pole from the ground.

The compact, hydraulic Bemis Post Puller is mounted to the front end of your truck (3/4 ton or larger) ready to pull posts. No lost time due to forgotten parts or equipment.

One person operation: No back strain because the hydraulics do the lifting.


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