The TLL-500A is an energized conductor supporting tool that helps to create work clearances for lines 34.5kV to 72.5kV.  It replaces the need for temporary structures and tag lines while giving positive control of distribution live lines.

LiftWise TLL-500A Series 2

TLL-500A Series 1

  • Voltage ratings:  34.5kV – 72.5kV
  • 500 lb. vertical and horizontal capacity
  • 8′ max / 3’8” min between insulators
  • 16′ max / 7’4” min overall span
  • Insulator sliders can pin every 3”
  • Mounts to crane or digger derrick
  • Mast turntable allows for 15° swivel left or right when the TLL-500A is in-line with the crane boom or perpendicular
  • Converts from horizontal to vertical configuration

TLL-500A Series 2

  • Same components as TLL-500A Series 1, except the pinning of the slider every 3” has been replaced with a lead screw assembly when torque is applied from an impact driver
  • Allows 30” of insulator travel
LineWise TLL-500A Series 2
LineWise TLL-500A Skid

TLL-500A Skid

  • Stores all the components of the TLL-500A
  • Components are pinned to the structure of the skid
  • Components are placed in order of assembly to make building/tearing down the unit easier
LineWise TLL-500A Series 1 Components