The Pole Guide is designed to attach to the end of a crane boom and guide electrical transmission poles in and out of ground holes.  


This pole guide is not designed to hold the weight of the pole.  The pole must be lifted and lowered with the drag line of the crane that the Pole Guide is attached to.

LineWise Pole Guide
LineWise Pole Guide Side View

Specifications and Features:

  • Capacity: 2,000lb
  • 28” max pole diameter
  • Weight: 915lb
  • Hydraulic articulation for angle adjustment/jaw opening/jaw closing
  • Mounts to various cranes with a crane-speficied adapter
LineWise Pole Guide Fully Closed

Fully Closed

LineWise Pole Guide on 12 inch Pole

12” Pole

LineWise Pole Guide on 18 inch Pole

18” Pole

LineWise Pole Guide on 24 inch Pole

24” Pole

LineWise Pole Guide on 28 inch Pole

28” Pole