LineWise Utility Transmission Products

LineWise engineers and manufactures many specialized utility products that are rated for overhead transmission work.  Below you will find some of the utility products that were inspired by lineman in the field that are on the front line of the utility transmission industry.  These lineman came to us with a problem and we worked with them to customize and specialized solution to meet the needs of their application.

Transmission power lines are larger, heavier and have a higher voltage rating so the necessary precautions have to be considered while maintaining them.  Electrical transmission lines and grids are critical infrastructure items and keeping the power on is a top priority! 

Our Triple Line Lifters, hydraulic line lifters and insulated work platforms play a key role in the utility transmission industry today.  LineWise takes pride in keeping lineman safe, while making their jobs more efficient and productive.

We believe that customers with electricity – are happy customers!

However, if you are in the market for a utility product that requires a lower kV rating for Overhead Distribution lines, click here to check out what LineWise has to offer.