The Auxiliary Arm is a practical tool for supporting conductors while replacing insulators, crossarms, poles, hardware and creating working clearance.

XHD Auxiliary Arm


Problem:  You are needing a 3 phase boom lift for your digger derrick/boom truck with a higher capacity that is available on the market.

Solution:  The Auxiliary Arm has a capacity of 1,350lbs (higher capacity available).  The easily adjustable wire holders will not rotate out of position with our square fiberglass crossbar.

The Auxiliary Arm consists of a steel mounting/adjustment bracket, a fiberglass mast with steel connecting ends bonded to it, a fiberglass beam with a steel connecting bracket bonded in the center, quick adjust wire holder clamps and optional single conductor holder.


Auxiliary Arm



  • Vertical and Horizontal construction
  • 5′ vertical fiberglass mast (4” x 4”)
  • 12′ fiberglass support arm (4” x 4”)
  • Mechanical Capacity:
    • Balanced Vertical Load = 1,350lb (450lb per conductor)
    • Unbalanced Vertical Load = 1,000lb
  • Dielectric Capacity
    • Mast clear span fiberglass is 4′
    • Arm has 5′ clear span fiberglass


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