LineWise Products used for Energized Line Work

LineWise manufactures insulated and non-insulated attachment tools for working on energized power lines.

Many electrical lines, circuits, and systems are worked on while energized. This is often because the system loading or its configuration, or both, makes it impossible to deenergize the system, or because continuity of customer service must be maintained.

To perform energized work, workers must first be thoroughly trained and proficient in the work practices and protective equipment needed. Anyone who has not been trained and has not demonstrated proficiency is considered unqualified for 1910.269 purposes and cannot get closer to energized parts than the Minimum Approach Distances specified in 1910.333(c)(3) (also known as, the 10-foot rule) for the voltages involved.

LineWise specializes in energized utility overhead products for both Distribution and Transmission.