LineWise Utility Distribution Products

LineWise engineers and manufactures many specialized utility products that are rated for overhead distribution work.  Below you will find a variety of utility products that were inspired by lineman and are used to support energized power lines during line maintenance and repair.  Above all, our distribution hot arms, various line lifters, hot jibs and pole pullers are field tested and proven to make your job more efficient, productive and safe.

Power lines require specialized tools, equipment and attention to keep them running.  Distributing electricity effectively and efficiently is key when installing and maintaining electrical distribution systems.

Contact LineWise if you have a specific utility distribution product need and we will work together to create the next utility product of the future – today!

Helping you to keep the power on is our goal!

However, if you are in the market for a utility product that requires a higher kV rating for Overhead Transmission lines, click here to check out what LineWise has to offer.