LineWise Barehand Work Products

LineWise engineers specialized utility products for barehand live line work.  Live line work is more hazardous for personnel than working on electrical equipment with the power off.  Live line maintenance techniques are used in the electric power distribution industry to avoid the disruption and high economic costs of having to turn off power to customers to perform essential periodic maintenance on transmission lines and other equipment.

The barehand work approach has a live line worker performing the work in direct electric contact with live parts.  Before contact, the worker’s body is raised to the same electric potential as the live parts, and then held there by electric connection, while maintaining suitable isolation from the surroundings which are at different potentials (ground, trees, etc).  Consequently, because the worker and the work are at the same potential, no current flows through the worker.

The Triple Line Lifter and Insulated Work Platform are safe and dependable tools to barehand utility work.