The IWP-500kV, an insulated work platform attachment, adapts a new crane to perform category A insulated aerial lift operations.

Advantages of an Insulated Work Platform

  • Insulated Work Platform Permits bare-hand work and de-energized line construction.
  • Minimizes lineman fatigue and the need to climb towers.
  • Reduces the need for insulated ladders and hot sticks.
  • Requires minimal equipment set-up time.
  • Increases utilization of a non-insulated crane.
  • Eliminates shutdown of transmission lines for maintenance.
  • Increases work capabilities compared to an elbow-style lift.
  • Allows access to difficult work with 45° jib articulation.
  • Increases job functions performed with a hydraulic, telescoping crane.
  • Can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated, insulated aerial device.

Standard and Optional Equipment

  • Platform controls
  • Sharp edge corona ring
  • Test bands and shield
  • Sealed fiberglass jib assembly
  • Insulated Work Platform
  • Two man, 36” x 72” platform
  • 600 lb. capacity
  • Boom-tip bonding straps
  • Desiccant canister
  • Cable reel
  • Lanyard attachment(s) on the jib
  • Current leakage monitor
  • Jib cover
  • 45° jib articulation
  • Battery charger
  • Factory installation
  • Closed-loop, platform brake
  • Self-stowing, insulated jib
  • Operator and service training


  • Single-man platform
  • Radio controls
  • Single-man fiberglass bucket
  • Two-man fiberglass bucket
  • Larger capacity
LineWise Insulated Work Platform
LineWiser Insulated Work Platform on Crawler Crane
LineWise Insulated Work Platform on 30Ton Crane

Problem:  Dedicated Bare Hand trucks cost upwards of $1 million.

Solution:  Using a regular crane retrofitted with our controls and basket you can have a bare hand tool for half that cost.  When not in use, you can still use your crane truck for regular operation.