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Visit Us in Booth # 4141 Indoor and L299 Outdoor

We are excited to announce that we will have TWO booths this year.  

Indoor Booth 4141 will have some of our most popular products: Roller Lifters, Hot Line Base Plate, Buddy Bushing, Hot Jib, Heavy Duty Pole Puller and the TLL-1300.  

We will be releasing our newest product, the TLL-500A Series 2. The TLL-500A Series 1 (previewed at ESMO) is designed to pick up 3 energized lines of sub-transmission voltages from 34.5kV to 69kV. It has 500 lbs. of capacity per insulator working with vertical and horizontal construction. In 3” increments, the TLL-500A can work with a minimum of 3’-8” phase to phase distances up to a maximum of 16’-0”. The TLL-500A Series 2 is similar to the Series 1, except the 2 outer insulators may be adjusted up to 30” using an impact drill.  The TLL-500A Series is Patent Pending.

TLL-500A Series 1

LiftWise TLL-500A Series 2

TLL-500A Series 2

In Outdoor Booth L299 we will be demonstrating 2 products:  TLL-1300 and TLL-500A Series 2.

See below for our demonstration schedule:

10/3Per Request

The TLL-1300 will be mounted to a Manitex TC50128 Crane. Working closely with Manitex, Line Wise is introducing a new feature that will provide customers the option of having a setting in the Load-Moment Indicator (LMI) for the LineWise Triple Line Lifter Hot Arm. Most cranes today use an LMI as a back-up system to the crane range diagrams to keep the crane in a safe operating position. The LMI already has its standard settings for use with the load line, man basket and steel jib. With this new added feature, the crane operator will select the LMI setting for the LineWise Triple Line Lifter and have the peace of mind that the LMI is keeping them in the operating range of the crane with visual and audial notifications.

LineWise LMI Manitex Crane
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 The TLL-500A Series 2 will be mounted to a Terex General 65 Digger Derrick.  Grab an impact driver and see how easily the sliders can be adjusted.  Check out the TLL-500A transportation skid which stores all the components placed in order of assembly to make building/tearing down the unit easier.

terex logo

Along with our demo units outside, we will have these products on display:  Folding Guard Arm, Single Man Folding Basket, XHD-60 Stub Puller Option, Line Lifter and the TLL-500.

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