The Hot Jib is insulated for use in picking up energized power lines.

LineWise Hot Jib Application

Problem:  The material handling jibs on bucket trucks are not able to be used for “Hot Work” in some areas and states due to the fact that they are not sealed against dirt and moisture getting up inside the hollow fiberglass jibs.

Solution:  Let us build you a brand new jib or rebuild your existing jibs with our desiccant canister system and give your crews a tested and certified hot tool.

Turn your equipment handling jib

into a certified live line tool!

LineWise Hot Jib Cut away

Cut away view shows interior construction including moisture removing desiccant canister and bonded in place pin bosses


  • Capacity = same as OEM
  • Weight = Varies w/model, 36 – 60lbs
  • Clear Span Insulation = Varies w/model, 28 – 36”
  • Vertical Load Capacity = same as OEM
  • Interchangeable with existing hydraulic/manual extendable jib
  • Steel components are plated for rust protection
LineWise Hot Jib Dessicant Canister

Moisture in sealed jib is detected in the desiccant canister.

LineWise Hot Jib Wire Holder

Wire Holder

LineWIse Hot Jib Sizes

Available in 3 sizes:  

square, rectangular and round