The HiRail Axle Trailer is device that can be installed on any trailer that allows the rail and track to be used interchangeably.

LineWise HiRail Trailer on Track

Specifications and Features:

  • Rail gear assembly rotates ±90° for ease of getting on rail
  • Rail assembly is locked in place when not in use
  • Remote grease port to bearing
  • Rail gear locks into 3 positions, straight ahead for on road use, float 10° to allow the truck and trailer to go through 100 ft curve, and free when getting on rail.
  • Walking beam design keeps wheels from derailing and equalizes loading.
  • Rail and track are used interchangeably
  • Can be installed on different trailers.
LineWise HiRail Trailer with Pivoting Rail Gear on Track
LineWise HiRail Trailer close up
LineWise HiRail Trailer with Pivoting Rail Gear