The LineWise HiRail Catenary Platform Truck is the next generation of HiRail construction and maintenance vehicle. 


The elevating platform has a capacity of 2,000 pounds and a maximum height of 20 feet.  Radio remote controls allow the truck to be driven on the platform up to 5 mph. 

The platform is easily accessible by using the stairs located in the rear of the truck.  The handrail system on the platform adjusts upward to meet OSHA mandated handrail height requirements.  It also adjusts downward to meet the maximum legal truck height while on the highway.

The platform truck can be fitted with a pantograph system that monitors the stagger and height of the catenary wire. Wire manipulator booms are also available that allow you to reach wires that are 26 feet above the rail. 

LineWise HiRail Catenary Platform Truck Holding Powerlines on Rail
LineWise HiRail Platform Truck on Rails
LineWise HiRail Catenary Platform Truck Extended


  • 3 Axle Tier IV compliant truck
  • Platform Truck
    • Platform Elevator: 1200lb capacity on Tires/2000lb capacity on Rail
    • Rotating Platform: 8ft x 16ft with 180° rotation/Insulated to 5kV
    • 20ft Platform Height
  • High Rail System integrated into truck frame
  • Rail Drive allows for movement on rails up to 5mph by remote control
  • Radio remote system controls Rail Drive, Wire Manipulator Arm, Platform and optional Wire Stagger/Height Measurement System.
  • 110 volt 3000 watt AC inverter system
  • Emergency Platform Lowering system
  • Back up camera and alarm is active on tires/rail gear and turns to side view when using signals
  • Rail Safety Lights systems in both directions
  • Power up and down handrail
  • Interlock Systems