The HiRail Catenary Bucket Truck is the next generation of HiRail construction and maintenance vehicle.

LineWise HiRail Catenary Bucket Truck

Specifications and Features:

  • 3 Axle Tier IV compliant truck
  • Bucket Truck
    • 350lb Capacity Single Man Bucket
    • 42ft reach with material handling jib and winch
  • High Rail System integrated into truck frame
  • Rail Drive allows for movement on rails up to 5mph by remote control
  • Radio remote system controls Rail Drive, Wire Manipulator Arms, and optional Wire Stagger/Height Measurement System
  • 110 volt 3000 watt AC inverter system
  • Emergency Bucket Lowering system
  • Back up camera and alarm is active on tires/rail gear and turns to side view when using signals
  • Rail Safety Lights systems in both directions
  • Interlock Systems
LineWise HiRail Bucket Truck Manipulator Arms

Manipulator Arms

LineWise HiRail Bucket Truck
LineWise HiRail Catenary Bucket Truck Wire Stagger

Wire Stagger