Hot Aerial Line Overhead System (HALOS)

Did You Know?

Labor Statistics for 1992-2006 show that 84% of crane deaths were from overhead power lines!

A utility that started using the HALOS has not had a live line contact when the system has been in use!

The HALOS is safer for the utility to install than the rubber hoses:

When placing the HALOS onto the cross arm you can be over 5 feet away

To tighten the screws onto the crossarm, a “shotgun” hot stick can be used

These safety protocols lessen the chance of contact by their employees.

LineWise Hot Aerial Line Overhead System


  • Helps prevent live line contact in construction zones.
  • Easy to install non-conductive poles and ropes.
  • Fiberglass poles are 14ft in length with 4ft attached to the cross arm, spacing the rope 10ft away from the conductors
  • Gives a buffer zone to construction crews that meet the limits on how close untrained workers can get to energized lines or equipment, per OSHA 29 CFR1910.333(c)(3)(i)(A)(1) and 1926.960(c)(1)(iii)