The bundle lifter keeps the yoke plate in a vertical position so the insulator string can be connected easily. 



  • Load capacity: 3,500 lb
  • Clear span fiberglass: 10 ft
  • Dimensions: 14’” x 24’” x 140’”
  • Weight: 125 lb



  • High strength steel reduces overall weight
  • Heavy duty construction provides a rugged bundle lifter
  • Narrow design aids in picking up the bundle
  • Bonded/Bolted fiberglass-to-steel joints for increased strength
  • Clear span (10 ft) fiberglass for added dielectric capacity


Problem:  Yoke plate falls over when the insulators are unpinned to do an insulator change out

Solution:  The Bundle Lifter locks the yoke plate into the vertical position with a gravity gate giving the crews positive control of the yoke plate and the phase, making the job safer and more efficient.

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