The Unigain is an innovative solution for re-conductoring and

emergency repairs and is rated to hold energized conductors.


US Patent No. 7,578,488



  • Symmetrical Loading Capacity(per conductor)
    • 3,750lb (Dead-End)
    • 1,000lb (Tangent)
  • 12ft fiberglass crossarm with up to 7ft offset

The Unigain attaches to wood, steel and concrete poles.

  • Brackets
  • Crossarm
  • Standard 48” chain
  • Additional chain extensions available

Problem:  Attaching a temporary crossarm causes damage to the pole.

Solution:  The Unigain easily attaches to poles of all types, giving you a 12 ft crossarm to use for spreading out existing conductors in both tangent and dead-end configurations.

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